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In addition to my professional services, I offer customized CDs specifically created for you and your needs. With a gentle quite voice accompanied by peaceful and tranquil music, my CDs help you relax, meditate, and rejuvenate. 

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CD Examples:

breath    reverie    tranquility02    study_stress02


Are you struggling with anxiety? Do you need help coping? This CD contains audio tracks to help you meditate and relieve anxiety, followed by visualizations and music to help you relax.


Are you having difficulty relaxing or getting to sleep? This CD contains 9 tracks: the first 5 to get you relaxed followed by 4 peaceful music tracks to help sleep take over you body.


Let’s reduce stress! This CD starts with a few meditations to reduce stress. Then, we move on to a couple  of visualizations which will leave the everyday behind. Lastly, a few music tracks to help your mind to settle and relax.


School exams can be an extremely stressful time for students of all ages. The level of stress a person endures can also affect the overall grade he or she receives. To help increase your chances of success, learn skills that help you deal with this stress. Use them to cope with all types of stressors, not just those associated with exams. 

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